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Radiator specialists

Pakenham Radiator & Mechanical Service has been servicing the local trade and retail customers in the south Gippsland region for over 
30 years.

As one of the only radiator specialists left in the Gippsland region, we specialise in brass copper radiators and aluminium radiators and pride ourselves on custom work. 

Not only do we supply complete units, we can build anything you can possibly imagine in-house. 
Our radiator services include: 
  • Clean-outs
  • Brass copper repairs and recores
  • Aluminium repairs
  • New assemblies
  • Heater cores
  • Earthmoving and commercial
  • Adrad coolants           in stock
  • VACC accredited radiator repairer 

Custom Fabrication

At Pakenham Radiators, we have the facilities to build any radiator for any application. Our brass copper radiators are built especially for 4WD applications and industrial purposes. 

We also custom fabricate aluminium radiators for street performance motorcycles or your all-out race car.
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We are VACC  accredited

Three common radiator problems and how to avoid them

Radiator problems can be prevented as long as proper care, attention and maintenance is given to this crucial part of the cooling system. Remember that wear and tear – as well as old age – will contribute greatly to the efficiency of your radiator. 

The cooling system in your car is designed to maintain ideal engine operating temperature as tremendous heat is produced due to the process of combustion. 

Common radiator problems should be inspected immediately to prevent further engine damage.

Overheating radiator

When a car overheats, the radiator is the first point of inspection to determine any possible problem. 

Overheating could be caused by:

  • Low/empty coolant level
  • Broken auxiliary fans or malfunction
  • Broken hoses that result in coolant leak
  • Broken/damaged or dirty radiator

Rust accumulation

The radiator is made of metal and is susceptible to rust. Modern radiator designs incorporate a plastic 
top – the area most prone to rusting – but internal parts are consistently exposed to moisture as well.

To check for rust, pop the bonnet when your engine is cold and remove the radiator cap. Look at the coolant level 
and colour. 

A brownish fluid would mean excessive rust inside the cooling system and immediate flushing is recommended. Inspect the radiator cap and surrounding area for any signs of rust. Have the radiator inspected if excess rust is present. 
To prevent rust from accumulating in your radiator, only use high-quality coolant or anti-freeze mixed with adequate amounts of water. 

Have the radiator flushed at least once a year to prevent the rust and corrosion accumulation that will affect the efficiency of your radiator and result to engine overheating. 
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Radiator leaks

A radiator leak is most often caused by old age and should be repaired/replaced immediately. Internal corrosion can end the life of a radiator prematurely so it is imperative to use the correct coolant with an 
anti-corrosion inhibitor. 

Never mix coolants as this could lead to a chemical reaction that can cause radiator blockage. 
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Services we also offer include the following: 
  • Recores
  • Custom building
  • Adrad & PWR products
  • Repairs 
  • Tig-welding
  • Aluminium soldering

Intercooler/oil cooler

At Pakenham Radiator, we do more than just specialise in radiators. We also repair and custom manufacture intercoolers and oil coolers in-house. 

We specialise in tig-welding and alloy soldering for repairs. We repair all commercial intercoolers as well as recore certain applications. 

We have access to the charge air intercooler core from Adrad, which is very popular for the 4WD enthusiasts. It also has race applications.
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